January 15, 2022

Jharkhand Finance Minister Says Center Does Not Pay Membership | India News

RANCHI: Jharkhand’s Minister of Finance Dr Rameshwar Oraon alleged that the Center does not pay state government dues, which led to the state’s financial crisis.
Speaking to ANI, Oraon said, “The financial situation of the Jharkhand government is not in good shape. The government is trying to generate revenue for several programs. If the Center had cooperated in the payment of our membership fees, there would not have been a financial crisis. here.”
“When our government was formed, the board was empty. This is not a political declaration, but a reality. Over time, we have improved our revenue collection by increasing sources. The financial situation is comparatively better. He is not in good shape, but better than in previous years, ”he said.
In addition, Oraon said the Coal Ministry took about 53,000 acres of land from the Jharkhand government.
“Unfortunately, we don’t get any compensation for the land. While the other states get their dues on time. If we get that, we can generate multiple projects,” the minister said.
Demanding their dues to the Center, Oraon said, “We are not begging the central government for our dues, but we are demanding from them. If they pay them, this situation will not happen and will improve.

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