August 13, 2022

Improved management and strategic decision-making with Axway’s Axway Financial Accounting Hub

Financial departments having evolved to take on new roles and carry out new missions, Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a global player in software integration, has proposed a solution that meets the challenges at the heart of these expectations.

A long-standing partner of finance departments, Axway designed Axway Financial Accounting Hub (AFAH) as a meeting point between finance and business, relying in particular on the company’s API expertise. The future-ready business platform enables finance departments to deliver quality, relevant data to every business unit to improve management and strategic decision-making.

“Axway Financial Accounting Hub is one of the most advanced and scalable offerings on the market today,” says Lionel Linossier, Managing Director of Digital Finance at Axway. “It can handle 40 million events per day in real time for a retail customer, and we estimate it can cut the cost and onboarding time of ERP Finance migration projects in half.”

Through data transformation, data quality and data exposure, Axway Financial Accounting Hub helps finance departments achieve the following goals:

AFAH optimizes operational efficiency by automating, simplifying and streamlining processes. It also leverages APIs for real-time processing, reducing operating costs, and speeding up processes and the quality of data delivered.

“Axway Financial Accounting Hub allows us to support the business lines on a daily basis,” says Gharib Shahrresponsible for project financing and accounting control at ODDO BHF. “The launch of a new product is very fast since it only takes two to four weeks to make the necessary accounting adjustments.”

The open and highly flexible platform offers a composable financial information system designed to meet regulatory, business and technology requirements. A self-service portal allows the implementation of DevOps methodologies for greater responsiveness.

“With Financial Accounting Hub, we have freed our employees to develop and maintain business rules themselves, which helps us maintain a strong compliance posture, move faster on new opportunities, and grow the company,” says Natalie MeyerAdministrative and Financial Director of Auxia – Malakoff Humanis Group

AFAH improves the quality, readability and use of data in financial services by leveraging comprehensive and actionable audit trails, rejection management and reconciliation tools.

“Thanks to the ecosystem of partners, the support of our experts and the R&D efforts that will accompany this new offer, Axway demonstrates its commitment to helping its customers produce the best financial, operational and commercial data”, concludes Linossier.

  • Francis Bignel

    Francis is a junior journalist with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialized interest in North and South America.