August 13, 2022

Finance minister accounted for less than 50% of Covid-19 spending – Dr Asiedu

Pharmacist and CDD-Ghana scholarship holder, Kwame Sarpong Asiedu says the finance minister accounted for less than 50% of Covid-19 funds.

According to him, the financial report of the Ministry of Finance indicated that $25.68 billion was what the government received as Covid-19 funds, however, the finance minister only counted $12.02 billion which he said was the actual Covid-19 expenditure.

He said that leaves the rest $$13.5 billion unaccounted for.

“I just listened to the honorable deputy, John Kumah, and he said that 12.02 billion had been spent on actual Covid expenses, and that because of Covid there were constraints elsewhere and part of the money was to be spent on budget support.

“But if you look, it’s 25.68 billion that came in. This is money that we are sure has arrived based on government acceptance. And you can look at it, 19.3 billion in 2020 and 6.39 billion in 2021.

“So if you look at that it means more was spent on budget support than was actually spent on covid because if you do the subtraction you get over 13 billion which is not accounted for,” he explained.

He argued there was a need for the government to account for what it had done with the remaining Covid-19 funds.

According to him, this would give Ghanaians the opportunity to decide whether the government has indeed used the funds wisely.

“Because the finance minister reported the 12 billion and I can see the minority still wondering if it’s 17 billion; if it is 19 billion; if it was an allowance; if it was expenses. I go by expenses, you tell me that you spent 12.02 billion but that you obtained 25.68 billion, which leaves nearly 13.5 billion that have not been accounted for.

‘And if you only accounted for 50% of what actually came in, the question I ask myself is ‘why did the finance minister come to Parliament to account for less than 50% of what we have actually received for covid? Where is the account of the remaining 13 billion? »

“If it’s budget support, that’s fine, but know that 2 billion went here, 1 billion went here, 500 million went here and let the Ghanaian decide if it’s budget spending. value for money,” he said.